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Time-Saving Online Driver's Education Course & Training

Learn the proper rules of the road with our online driver's education course and training from our facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At KDT Driver Training, our skilled and experienced staff teaches you the rules, regulations, and practical details needed for safe and effective driving.

Online Driver Education Course:

Our 30-hour online driver education course is fully approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Working online lets you complete the course at your own pace and on your schedule.
You work from home when it's convenient for you. When you finish the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion of driver education that offers you two benefits:

1. Completing a driver education course may allow you to receive your unrestricted senior driver license before you turn 18.

2. Many insurance companies offer a discount to drivers who complete a driver education course. Contact your insurance company to inquire about the possibility of receiving such a discount.
Father and son in car - Time-Saving Driver's Education Course and Training in Canonsburg PA


Registering for the course is quick and easy. The cost of enrollment is only $79.
Contact our staff for comprehensive driving instruction that you can do in your own time.